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Education Business

Partnership Element

If you are looking for someone to Join venture, invest or even to sell your business, we are here for you!


Student Recruitment


What is the purpose of a school? We can’t operate a school without making profit, isn’t it?


Human Resource


Human capital is the core element in both school and any businesses. Without human resources, the school/company is just a name by itself.


Information Technology


In this IT millennium, past knowledge seems to be outdated.


School/Business Diagnosis

and Improvement

Everyone need to consult a doctor when he/she is ill. If you need a good health, you must know how to have it.


School/Business Start

-up Element

Before starting a new school/business, business owner should be asking themselves some important questions; Do I have a business plan?


Educational Business

Planning Element

Education Business planning is an important element in the success and failure for any healthy educational businesses.


School Administration


Thinking of setting-up a new school but worried about all required administrative work?




How can we help you?

If you have the intention to set-up your own school, we are here to help! Do not let complex documentation stop your passion in Education. Let the expert help you to fulfull your dream and make it a reality! Many know that a successful education business will not only brings you prestige, but a well return-of-investment. You might be facing some difficulties at the preliminary stage, but as it grows in the right track, the results are tremendous! All you need is to engage the right people to handle all tedious and boring documentation. You can find out more on what professional services we provide here. Many school Operators failed to recruit students at the beginning, some were forced to cease their operation the following year. This phenomenon happened when they failed to produce a concise Educational Business Plan before they started their school. With a good Educational Business Plan, it gives school operator a clear direction and explicit goals for their school. Bear in mind that you may be a good teacher or lecturer in the past, but operating a school isn’t just about unique teaching pedagogy, unique course materials and/or being a good teacher. It’s a holistic knowledge of Management, leadership, strategies, experiences, academic and professional acumen; that plays an important roles in the survival of your school. This sounds terrific, but it’s a fact that lacking of the above elements would weaken ones success in running their school. However, you can strengthen it by engaging the right people, filling-up the weak spots, turning weaknesses into strengths. A good educational consultant can even help revitalising your business with the right strategies and methodologies. These require industrial experts to get the job done for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Please refer to the following link for more information.


There are two stages for ZD educational business diagnostics procedures. The first stage is to gather business information, analyse and provide business solutions. This stage is totally free of charge. The second stage is when educational providers wish to engage ZD for their professional services which depending on what kinds of services they need, the amount of work require, manpower required, the complexity of the project and duration of the entire project.

That will depend on case by case basis. Different educational providers have different concerns and issues, some are easy to resolve, some are complex. Thus, it all depends on cases.

Yes, as mentioned we do have a pool of investor who are looking for new investment. Kindly provide us more information of your ideas. We can arrange with a meet up session to discuss about your needs. Please contact us at: or call us at: (65) 84983817.

Alternatively, you can also download this form, fill up  and e-mail to the above e-mail address .

Yes, we do provide interested parties for your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: or call us at: (65) 84983817.

We welcome anyone who are interested to be part of us. Please send us your latest CV or Resume to: and we shall get back to you shortly.

We are looking for current business people, professionals in the educational related fields and/or anyone who are interested to help others resolving educational business problems. Our associate members are usually possessed years of business or educational related experiences.

We provide free downloadable self-learning materials for anyone who wish to gain some business knowledge. We do not provide tuition nor teaching, and all materials are fully self-study. Hence, we do not require an education licensure.

No, we do not provide tutor nor guidance.

Yes, we do provide corporate training for any organisation. Please contact us at: or call us at: (65) 84983817.