Human Resource Element

Human Resource Element

Human capital is the core element in both school and any businesses. Without human resources, the school/company is just a name by itself. Recruiting the right new staff is tough, but leading them towards achieving the goal of the organisation is even tougher. In many cases, employee do not work as per what was being told and sometimes they can’t deliver the task given. Human beings are a complex animal who have their own thoughts and emotion. Dealing with difficult employee requires experience, patience and tactics and as well as a good organisational policy. If you are facing some human resource issues, we are one of the best people to provide you with solutions. This could probably mean recruitment, training and mediation between co-workers or employer. Call us today to arrange for a private discussion.

We specialize in the following arena:

  • Recruitment and Training of new staff
  • Recruitment and Training of current staff
  • Customisation of training programme
  • Conciliation services

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