School/Business Start-up Element

School/Business Start-up Element

Before starting a new school/business, business owner should be asking themselves some important questions; Do I have a business plan? How is my products/services compares to my competitors and can my customer accept the pricing I set? How big is my market and how can I find my potential customers? Do I have a marketing plan? What are the required documentation for my business? What are the required licensure? Do I have policies for my people? How many staff do I need, why? What roles and responsibility should they have? And many other questions you might have neglected. Many new start-ups failed before they excel, why? One simple reason is they have no plan for their business. Bear in mind that without a good plan, your business journey will be rough. It is fine if you are not train in business, you can always get someone who can do the job for you. Someone who is an expert in the field you need.

We specialize in the following arena:

  • Educational Business planning for new start-up
  • Market research and analysis
  • Formulation of school/company policies
  • Formulation of Standard Operating Procedures and/or academic policies and procedures
  • Formulation/Customisation of Course syllabuses and/or new programmes
  • Formulation of working documents for ISO, OHSAS and other related Quality Mark accreditation
  • Accounting and secretarial services
  • Auditing services
  • Legal advises
  • Development of legal documents
  • Documentation to obtain Educational Licensure
  • ¬†Documentation to obtain fire safety and health certification
  • Sourcing of Course materials, suppliers for School/office premise renovation, equipments and materials
  • Customisation of Course syllabuses and/or Programmes

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