Our Vision:

We aim to be a leading service provider for educational institutions in the region.

Our Mission:

We provide solutions for educational institutions, such as educational business planning, business start-ups, business strategies, business revitalisation, academic and operation, sales and marketing, human resource and educational related matters. We resolve problems, seeking improvement and help clients to excel in their businesses.

Our Core Values:


– We shall always conduct ourselves with absolute integrity.


– We trust and respect our fellow associates. We encourage initiatives, working independently and welcome innovative ideas.


– We are extremely committed to every project we take. We always take pride and accept personal responsibility in achieving our desired objectives. We promise to deliver every work and complete the project before deadlines.


– We are committed to the highest standard of professionalism. We pursue innovation and are open to new ideas. We act decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality services so that our relationship with our clients will be a long lasting one.

What we do?

We provide solutions for many interested parties in getting their dream school started from zero to operational. These include sourcing of company secretary, looking for ideal school location, renovation of premise, getting fire and safety certificate, obtaining school licensure, recruitment and training of new staff for various departments, formulation of academic and operation policies and procedures, documentation for compliance of the ISO standards, development of courses and curriculum, formulation of learning management systems, E-learning platform, planning and implementation of sales and marketing efforts, business planning, business strategies, school diagnosis and revitalisation, etc. You can find more detailed information on our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a further discussion. Our email: admin@zdassociates.org

School Buyout

Thought of selling your current School? Call us today and we shall arrange a meet-up at your convenience time. Share with us your successful business opportunity as we have a group of potential buyers waiting for it. Let our expert help you to evaluate the values of your current school/business status and future development opportunity.

What we do?

We provide solutions for many interested parties in getting their dream school started from zero to operational. These include sourcing of company secretary, looking for ideal school location…

Our Services


Education Business Partnership Element

If you are looking for someone to Join venture, invest or even to sell your business, we are here for you!


Student Recruitment Element

What is the purpose of a school? We can’t operate a school without making profit, isn’t it?


Human Resource Element

Human capital is the core element in both school and any businesses. Without human resources, the school/company is just a name by itself.


Information Technology Element

In this IT millennium, past knowledge seems to be outdated.


School/Business Diagnosis and Improvement

Everyone need to consult a doctor when he/she is ill. If you need a good health, you must know how to have it.



School/Business Start -up Element

Before starting a new school/business, business owner should be asking themselves some important questions; Do I have a business plan?


Educational Business Planning Element

Education Business planning is an important element in the success and failure for any healthy educational businesses.


Free Education

School Administration Element

Thinking of setting-up a new school but worried about all required administrative work?


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